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The Recyclingbank is a community-driven initiative that aims to revolutionize waste management and inspire others to adopt sustainable practices. We believe in a local and educational approach to recycling, adhering to the three key steps which symbolizes our icon: Collection, Sorting, and Processing. Join us in creating recycling streets in partnership with schools and companies.

Let’s make recycling cool and accessible for everyone.

Together towards a waste-free future

Collect together

Partner with us to transform neighborhood cleaning. We’ll connect you with companies or volunteers to collect waste efficiently and gather data for sustainable solutions. In this way we keep communities cleaner for generations to come.

Sorting together

In addition to efficient collection, we aim to revolutionize waste sorting by establishing recycling streets in various neighborhoods and collaborate with schools and businesses. These streets will serve as educational hubs, fostering a recycling culture among students and residents alike where we also gather data. This valuable information will enable us and others to make informed decisions about resource management.

Process and produce together

After sorting, we will transform recyclables into new products or resources for partners. We aim to empower students and entrepreneurs to establish recycling businesses. Additionally, we will collaborate with retail shops to promote sustainable products and raise awareness among consumers. Our system will be integrated with new products to facilitate a deposit refund system, encouraging residents to return used items and receive their deposits.

Empowering residents, students and others in:

Building recycling hubs

Transforming suitable spaces

Place Recyclingbank bins or setup your recycling hub, either temporary or permanent, where waste can be collected, sorted, and processed effectively.

Starting a recycling project

Broaden your horizon

The Recyclingbank cultivates transformative recycling projects for schools and neighborhoods, expanding perspectives and shaping a sustainable future.

Establishing partnerships

Shape the future together with us

The Recyclingbank is seeking partners who share our passion for sustainability and our commitment to creating a cleaner, healthier planet. Together we can make a real difference.

Our partners

Our current projects

Recycling plastics


We convert waste plastic into valuable resources, crafting high-quality 3D printer filament and injection molding material for a wide array of products.


Recycling textiles


Building upon our success in plastic recycling, we are now shifting our focus to textile recycling. Our aim is to create recycled products and assist students in launching sustainable businesses.


Projects and updates



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