We make recycling cool and more sustainable!

We are going to transform waste collection by making new products locally through recycling. Join our initiative.

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Together towards a waste-free future

We focus on making everyday objects

By making most-used objects starting with making objects from recycling plastic items, we create a positive impact on the planet and people.


Recycling made practical

Recycling works best if it is processed as much as possible in the neighborhood because in this way the number of transport movements remains low and thus the CO2 burden on our planet. The Recyclingbank therefore wants to recycle plastic waste locally as much as possible into new or repairing existing products. So products can be made or repaired for your neighbourhood. Through our knowledge base we want to share our knowledge open source. This is how we want to work towards a waste-free future globally starting in neighborhoods like yours. Start an initiative in your neighborhood with us.

The Recyclingbank projects

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– Technasium – Amsterdam Osdorp




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locally via our scalable platform

Help yourself and the planet with your waste

Designs for 3d printers of products or repair solutions made with collected plastic waste are placed on our platform. This is scalable and can be reproduced in any local neighborhood. By joining us, we provide the knowledge and machines to carry this out, then it can be carried out locally in every neighborhood.

Join our
recycling revolution.

Do you want to start an initiative in your neighborhood? We are happy to help you.

With our Recyclingbank program we provide the equipment, recycling knowledge and partners. You determine to what extent we work together, we provide the tools and know-how.

About the Recyclingbank

Waste is something we produce every day and we see opportunities in this. It is our mission to make plastic waste collection and recycling more sustainable through a system where you are rewarded for separating and returning plastic waste to the Recyclingbank. In this way, a permanent cycle is created that makes us waste-free. In addition, we make recycling cool by turning it into cool products for our webshop. We are starting in Amsterdam with the aim of setting up local Recycling Banks in neighborhoods worldwide. Better for the community, your wallet and our planet.

This project is supported by the municipality of Amsterdam