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We believe in educating and empowering communities for effective recycling. Follow our journey to see how.

Making impact!

Our endeavors in making impact through recycling initiatives.

January 2024

Distributing Recyclingbank bins

December 2023

Finishing Recyclingbank office

November 2023

Winning neighborhood initiative with textile recycling

October 2023

Learning injection moulding

September 2023

Delivering additional equipment

August 2023

Storing and distributing granules

July 2023

Refining the recycling process

June 2023

Starting with the shredding proces

May 2023

Collecting and sorting of plastics

April 2023

Buying and transport of interior items

July 2023

Buying and picking up additional equipment

February 2023

Designing office and recycling street

January 2023

Buying and transportation of equipment

December 2022

Gaining knowledge and establishing partnerships

November 2022

Winning neighborhood initiative with plastic recycling

October 2022

Started our Recyclingbank initiative

Our current projects



We are transforming waste plastic into valuable resources, creating
high-quality 3D printer filament and injection molding material for a diverse range of products.





Building on our success in plastic recycling, we are now turning our attention to textile recycling. Our goal is to create products from recycled textiles, and help students start businesses in sustainability.


Projects and updates



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