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Let’s recycle together

Recycling is a collaborative effort and we value working together towards this goal

The Recyclingbank began as a community initiative to address the issue of excess street garbage often ending up in landfills. By repurposing this waste, we aim to change perceptions around disposal and promote recycling. Our goal is to empower residents by offering workshops on creating recycled products, fostering long-term sustainability, and even assisting in establishing recycling businesses. Through education and support, we seek to transform waste into valuable resources and build a more sustainable future.

Our team

Guido Terhorst


Minke van Voorthuizen

Partner Minke Products

Tom van Beveren

Partner Broeii

Susie Basant

Partner schoon op straat

Our current projects



We are transforming waste plastic into valuable resources, creating
high-quality 3D printer filament and injection molding material for a diverse range of products.





Building on our success in plastic recycling, we are now turning our attention to textile recycling. Our goal is to create products from recycled textiles, and help students start businesses in sustainability.


Projects and updates



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